Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice for our Bridge Clubs & Classes

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new EU regulation which places greater obligations on organisations when using a member’s personal information. It gives individuals greater control over how their personal information is used and is designed to protect individuals and their data.

The personal data we collect for our classes and clubs includes names, email addresses and phone numbersIn the case of classes, we only use this data for the communication of information and the organisation of events. Your data is held securely on password protected computers and not used for any other purposes.

For clubs, we share this data with the CBAI, the governing body in Ireland for the game of bridge. This allows you to be an affiliated member of the CBAI and play in other bridge competitions if you wish. We collect the scores from competitions you play and pass these on to the CBAI to administer your membership and for use in its master point scheme. Your personal data is only used by the CBAI for bridge. Full details of how the CBAI uses and stores your data can found at  

If you want to see a copy of the data we hold for you, update your details, or you would like us to delete any information we hold, this can be done by contacting Vanessa O’Keeffe on or on 0872866579.